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For the most accurate pricing please get in touch with a brief description of your event and how many people will be attending. Below is a guide for our pricing.

Community Workshops

£25 per person

These are regular beginner friendly ticketed events in Brighton & Hove.

Open to everyone.

Hen / Sten

& Private Parties

£35 per person

You choose the activity, time & location.

We can help you find the perfect venue.

Image by Andreas Rasmussen

Office Wellness &

Large Public Events

£500 daily rate plus materials & expenses. Additional facilitators will be added for large-scale events.


General Enquiries + Press
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"We're passionate about art and connection. It's a magical recipe for creating better mental wellness and a stronger community."

If you're interested in having a creative workshop at your event please get in touch.
If you know roughly
how many people are attending, the location, possible event timings and the type of event you're hosting then we can suggest the best workshop to suit your attendees.

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