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Making time to be creative without the pressure of perfectionism is one of the kindest things you can do for your wellbeing.

Cutout Shapes

I started Cult Milk in 2015 as a way of putting on events to showcase female artists. It was all about creating a supportive non-judgemental space with incredible women.

This is me, Amy

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Cult Milk Founder

I started as an Illustrator, which I loved but found I missed the interaction with people - so I started Cult Milk! Originally from London I now reside beside the sea in Brighton with my dog Oscar and a mountain of art equipment. 

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Over the years Cult Milk has naturally evolved to be a person driven company where the focus is on inclusive creative workshops and community. Something I passionately love about my work is the array of different people I get to meet, though no matter how lovely and successful they are in their own field of work I often hear the phrase:
"I won't be any good at this because I'm not creative." 
There is a common misbelief that we learn at school - if you're not 'good' at drawing then you're not creative. Creativity can be found in everyone. We are born with a sense of exploration and play and it's my job to encourage people to rediscover that joy in themselves, regardless of their age.

This is why I offer creative workshops for all ages, genders and occasions. Tapping into your sense of creativity is so beneficial for your mental wellbeing and outlook on life - It's why I feel so passionately about practicing it in myself and helping others to find it in them.

2021 is definitely a year we all need a little more play and creativity in our lives.


Oscar sometimes makes an appearance at the workshops hosted by Cult Milk around Brighton and Hove. Regular craft goers remember him from a pup! He's a good boy but will definitely pester you for a treat...

Oscar the dog

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